During the time of the menstrual cycle which is often around 28 days, however it can be vary in different women and times of the menstrual period, which is why it is also not uncommon for a period cycle to last between 20 to 40 days. Phases in a woman’s life however can also affect their menstrual cycle, things such as stress, heightened emotions, and approaching menopause, can all lead to what are considered unusual cycles which can be longer than six weeks. The body will discharge cells, blood and mucus through the uterus. This all starts on the first day of the menstrual period.

During the menstrual cycle woman can also deal with abnormalities such as heavy bleeding during and/or between the periods, premenstrual syndrome a.k.a PMS, or even an absence of periods. Woman can even be effected by menstrual related health issues, which can even lead up intervals of depression.

Our product, the Glory Pad, is an organic soft cotton pad with a charcoal strip that relieves toxins of the body as well as menstruation cramps.  These organic made sanitary towels are:

  • Free from Toxins & Super Absorbent

The Glory sanitary pads are made of high absorbency materials that guarantee comfort to users for extended duration. It is embedded with bamboo that further improves the absorbency while providing medical benefits to users for issues related to menstrual symptoms and general feminine hygiene.

The high absorbency property of bamboo charcoal is said to be caused by its extra surface area due to molecular structure of the plant cells.  Due to that it has been claimed to have powerful absorbency power about 30% more than normal wood pulp.

The strong absorption property of bamboo charcoal also helps to remove infections by attracting and drawing out dirt, impurities, toxins and other pollutants in the body.  The strong absorbency and medical advantages of bamboo is what initially led to consideration for its application into the Glory feminine sanitary pads for the purpose of improving the management of menstrual hygiene and wellbeing of reproductive system.

  • Are disposable & biodegradable

Glory Pads are bamboo charcoal sanitary towels that contain seven different layers.  The bamboo charcoal sanitary towels have super absorption rates and absorb, decompose and eliminate the bad odours. The bamboo charcoal also has natural antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antistatic properties, both good for the female hygiene as well as the environment.

  • Are medicated

The organic plant which is embossed into these pads has wonderful medicinal benefits to the reproductive health.   These pads also act as hormone regulators; therefore a woman can get her menses at regular dates after using the same pads for three consecutive months.


Women and girls with menstrual complications like menstrual cramps, irregular menses, joints and back ache, heavy bleeding, irregular fungal infections and UTI, will greatly benefit it.

Regular use of the pad aids in relief from abdominal pains during menses and can help regulate menstrual flow.

Glory Sanitary Pad is a product in the market registered by Tanzania Food and Drug Authority (TFDA) and passed the quality test with Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TZS 279:2001, TBS). The product was innovated and trademarked by Kasole Secrets Company Limited of Dar es Salaam Tanzania and is currently produced in China.