There is currently no sanitary towel on the South African market that compares to the Glory Pad.  In addition to its primary purpose of absorbing menstrual flow, its unique medicinal properties and features set it apart from everything else currently used by young girls and women across the country. 



Glory bamboo pads have been in the market since Feb 2013.  Many users have come back with positive feedback on the usage of the pads.  The feedback is on the comfort ability and medical benefits:

Quality and Comfort ability:  That Glory pads have provided them with long and comfortable hours of usage without needing to change.  (approximately 8 hours for heavy flow and 12 hours for normal flow)


Claimed Medical Effects: That Glory pads have helped them to get rid of menstrual symptoms and helped in the improvement health and general feminine wellbeing.

As women, we see this pain as part of life and do not even speak about it.  Using pain relievers such as paracetamol, nurofen or other pain relievers are a norm for many women that allows us just to get through first day or first three days of their menstrual cycle.

So in addition to the cost of sanitary towels is also the cost of pain relieving medication and for some, loss of work time.   The Glory Pads would therefore be great for offering women for relief in a natural way.

Currently it has a presence in 18 regions in Tanzania, where there are more than 15,000 end users in the country on a monthly basis.  The product is stocked in more than 500 retail outlet stores and around 60 supermarkets across Tanzania.

As recently as May 2018, Kasole Secrets has just shipped a trial order to the USA and England.  The Glory Pads have been distributed in CONGO-DRC since 2016.