• They are of high quality with an ultra thin feature to give comfort to users;
  • These high absorbency pads, due to the super absorbent materials, can be used for up to 12hrs for normal flow and up to 8hrs for a heavy flow, without need for a change;
  • The Glory Pad has significant benefits to menstrual related illnesses i.e. It eliminates pre-menstrual symptoms & cramps; it improves the immune system and menstrual cycles and it removes toxins and helps in hormone regulation.
  • Provide body-conditioning benefits. The bamboo charcoal absorbs the bad smell and hence keeps a woman comfortable and confident;
  • Gives natural protection benefits with no addition of chemicals.
  • They are eco-friendly and a healthier option to use.  The organic pads tend to create less toxic fumes even if burnt.

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